Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your company can be tricky. Below are some simple guidelines to follow when trying to find that perfect domain name for you!

1) To start, brainstorm 5 different keywords, terms, or phrases that best describe the domain name that you are looking for. You want to start with your business name, but also think of keywords that relate to your industry. For example if your company is a website hosting company, you might consider words such as “web hosting, website hosting, website design, website designer, and domain name registration.” For SEO purposes, it is good practice to incorporate keywords within the domain name for your business.

2) Make it simple. Easy to type and easy to remember. You don’t want your domain to be long and complicated; no one will remember it. If your company name has 3 words, consider creating an acronym for your company. If you company name is difficult to remember to spell, you want want to consider a more general domain name instead of your actual company name.

3) The most common types of domain name are .com, .net. and .org. Some of the less common domain name types are .biz, .name, .info, and .tv. Of course, there are others, but they are even less common. Domain names that end in .com, .net, and .org are typically for commercial, business, personal, and non-profit type websites. You can use only letter, numbers, and hyphens when registering a domain name. Your domain name can not begin or end with a hyphen. Spaces are not allowed. Domain names must be less than 63 characters long, but as I stated above, the shorter the better. Certain browsers and email programs don’t support domains that are over 26 characters long.

4) Now that you know the basics are you ready to see what domain names are available for you? You can check the availability of domain names on the Havaweb website. You don’t have to buy anything and you can look up as main domain names as you like. Should you choose to register a domain name today, the cost is only $13 per domain (.com, .net., and .org domain only) per year. You can purchase as many domain names as you like.



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