Tips to Make your Landing Page Design A Success

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A Good Landing Page Converts Shoppers into Buyers

Landing Pages are specialized product pages designed to convert site visitors into customers. URLs in paid advertisements such as banner ads, affiliate ads, and from advertising networks lead potential customers to the page.

Unless certain criteria are met, landing pages are often relegated to the dregs of search results and won’t show up except through paid search. If pages don’t add value and are dead ends for the customer, search engines are unlikely to give them much exposure.

On Page Navigation

When pages don’t have navigation options, search engines may treat those pages as stand-alone websites and not consider the website domain authority when returning search query results. This becomes a missed opportunity for the page to show up in the SERPS on its own merit. When consumers are looking for a specific product, a business whose landing page for that product shows up in the results will gain organic traffic.

Therefore, it makes sense to provide landing page navigation for visitors and use it to your advantage. A menu with Home, Full Product List, Similar Items, and Contact can offer visitors an incentive to stay on the site even if the product isn’t exactly what they are looking for.

Targeted Information

Users find few things more annoying than clicking on an Ad and landing on a page that doesn’t have what they expected. Walmart is a good example because their landing pages often highlight many items instead of just a few. While the strategy works for Walmart, it won’t work for most businesses.

Instead, the page should provide information specific to the product highlighted. At the same time, it’s easy to overload the page with information. The best pages provide enough information for the consumer to make a choice based on features and price, and perhaps a comparison to the prices of some common competitors, even if those prices are slightly higher.

Many buyers are less interested in saving a few cents than they are in shipping costs, delivery times, and whether or not the item is in stock.

Call to Action

Specific calls to action are a must.

  • Add to Shopping Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Got A Question? Ask Sales.

Try not to distract visitors with other items, at least until they’ve added the product to their cart. If they click the “Buy Now” button, take them to the checkout page immediately. They’ve made the decision to buy, let them pay for it before they change their mind.

On the other hand, if they click “Add to Shopping Cart,” then perhaps show them a few related items on another page on their way to the checkout, but don’t make it hard to find the “Continue” button without adding something else. If they have to scroll, they might just click the X to close the page instead.

Page Layout

Make website and web page design branding a priority. Your company brand is important and consumers like to know who they are dealing with. Put navigation, images, and basic descriptions where it is easily seen and certainly above the fold (the part of the page seen without scrolling down). If you are running a sale, then the price should be on top and in bold, along with a slashed regular price.

Most people in Western Countries read from left to right and top to bottom, and that is how they scan a page. An image of the product on the top left of the page, directly beneath the branding, is one of the first elements on the page they see. Follow that with description, price, and call to action.

One way to include more information without overloading the page is a tabbed section to organize information such as an extended description, features, specifications, and warranty. A good CMS extension can provide this functionality without using a different URL for each tab. Other elements such as the call to action, a short description of the product, pricing, and images remain visible and above the fold while the buyer reads the tabbed information.

Photo by Konstantin von Wedelstaedt

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